everyones a roomie rp :)

coopadam!hp AU

It was my dad’s birthday yesterday so I made him a gif of himself blowing the candles on a cake.

Then I made my brothers and my mum because they asked for it haha

roomies!elliott :)

Coopadam is great.

Dialogue by Skits.

We have a Vampire situation going on here… 

The vampire face is kind of Lambertesque hehe


a. A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties.
b. A cause of anxiety:For some people, air travel is a real anxiety.
2. PsychiatryA state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event orsituation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.
3. Eager, often agitated desire: my anxiety to make a good impression.
[Series of illustrations based on anxiety. It was a project for class and now that it’s over I thought it would be nice to share it with you.]

So this is my blog exclusive for drawings, comics and things i like for reference!

The things you will see here will be things i create: original characters, stories, comics,etc, there would be some fandom related drawings too -like those absurd comics with ollie for example or portraits of actors/singers- and rp related drawings too. But mostly fandom related things would be on my main blog sailorstarchild :D

Have a good day!